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  • What I Do

    Marcus Sawyerr is President and Global CEO of YOSS. YOSS is a freelancer platform co-created by The Adecco Group and Microsoft. It is a robust end-to-end solution that gives both enterprises and freelancers the right tools and services to maximize productivity, manage their projects and talents, and harness the benefits of more flexible ways of working.


    Most recently, Marcus was President of the Adecco Group X (AGX), The Adecco Group’s digital innovation and incubation unit. AGX is responsible for research and development of emerging technologies and innovative companies, mergers and acquisitions, product development and ultimately bringing new digital strategies and business lines to the world of work. Marcus created AGX within the Adecco Group in July 2016 to develop and execute on the company’s digital strategy.


    Marcus spent the early stages of his career in account management, digital software sales and product development, mainly focused on the HR industry. He accumulated over a decade of experience in transforming and innovating across the industry and spent time working in the fields of big data, NLP and applicant tracking software. He then progressed to become the Senior Director of Staffing and Recruiting Group, EMEA at CareerBuilder.

    CareerBuilder at the time was the largest online job website in the USA, with leading positions in Europe, LATAM and APAC. Marcus was responsible for managing and developing new business with CareerBuilder's largest Fortune 100 clients.

    Marcus has extensive experience in the digital evolution of the entire staffing sector. He has contributed significantly to the development of Digital Innovation within the Adecco Group as the most admired, innovative workforce solutions partner, providing exceptional customer experience through talent and technology. His current priority is on building the most trusted destination for flexible knowledge workers at YOSS.

  • Speaking Engagements

    Marcus has been invited to speak about the future of work and share his perspective on innovation within the world of work and the gig/freelance economy at several conference and events.

    Connecting and Optimizing the Talent Supply Chain

    SIA's Collaboration in the Gig Economy, San Diego, CA

    Sept 2019

    The Impact of the Gig Economy

    HR Transform

    Las Vegas, NV

    March 2019

    Delivering Success While Leading Through Disruption

    Microsoft LQ Conference, Anaheim, CA

    February 2019

    Flexible Working:

    A Career and Lifestyle Pathway

    Linkedin Talen Connect, Anaheim CA

    October 2018

    Disruption Today: Online Platforms and Their Impact on Talent Supply Chains

    SIA Collaboration in the Gig Economy, Dallas TX

    October 2018

    AI Powering the Workforce

    HR Technology Conference, Las Vegas NV

    September 2018

    AI Powering the New Workforce

    AI Summit, London UK

    June 2018

    The Emergence of the Online Talent Market (Masterclass)

    Beyond HR Forum, Amsterdam NL

    June 2018

    Harnessing Disruptive Change

    The Future of Work

    Evolving Business Models: Finding Next Gen Customers

    SXSW, W20 Programming

    Austin, TX

    March 2018



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    Staffing Industry's Response to Brexit and Related Workforce Challenges

    One Year On – How are Organisations Responding to Brexit?

    Mercer, 1 Tower Place East, London

    9 March 2018

    Digital Transformation for Staffing Firms

    Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum, Miami FL

    March 2018


    Download the presentation

    Winning with Digital Innovation

    The Adecco Group Global Leadership Conference

    Vienna, Austria

    December 2017

    "AI Powering the New Workforce"

    LinkedIn Talent Intelligence Summit, London UK

    October 2017


    Download the presentation

    AI Powering the New Workforce

    AI Summit, San Francisco CA

    September 2017


    View the recording

    AGX & Digital Innovation Strategy

    The Adecco Group Capital Markets Day, London UK

    August 2017



    AI and the Future of Work

    Beyond HR Forum, Amsterdam NL

    July 2017

    Workplace of the Future

    Collision Conference, New Orleans LA

    May 2017

  • Testimonials

    “I've moderated three panels that have involved Marcus; two (at separate events) in which he provided strategic advice and thought leadership to an executive audience of 200+, and one where he was tasked to evaluate startups in a "Shark-Tank"-style format in a keynote session with 800+ attendees. In each, he was thoughtful, engaging, articulate, and provided actionable arguments and insights that attendees overwhelmingly noted in feedback forms as thought provoking and beneficial. Marcus knows the industry and understands technology, and can intelligently articulate his thoughts and difficult concepts in a way that is relevant, nuanced, and meaningful for stakeholders. In short, Marcus is an excellent speaker and distinguished thought leader and it has been a pleasure to work with him. Marcus would be an excellent asset to whatever event was lucky enough to have him."


    David Francis, Former Sr. Research Analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts

    "Marcus has been a keynote speaker at two Insight IGNITE Innovation Roundtables in 2017 and again this year. During both of his sessions, we got great feedback from the audience on his energy, presentation style and most importantly the clear insights he delivered on accelerating Digital change.”


    Emmet B. Keeffe III, Founder, Insight IGNITE at Insight Partners

    "We were fortunate to have Marcus speak during our SXSW events. He joined fellow panelists to discuss evolving business models in order to find next gen consumers, the panel was incredibly thought-provoking and we were excited to have the opportunity to speak with him more [in our podcast].”


    Aaron Strout, CMO at W2O Group

  • Podcasts, Videos & Articles

    Marcus shares his views on the Future of Work, Digital Innovation & More

    The YOSS Journey with Marcus Sawyerr & Insight Venture Partners

    December 2019

    Marcus had an opportunity to collaborate with Insight Venture Partners to discuss the YOSS journey and evolution from Adecco Group X, to incubation, to the present day. Watch now

    Bringing Staffing to the Platform Age

    October 2019

    If the world of work is changing, there’s arguably no industry poised to change more over the next few years due to the intersection of technology, workforce demographic changes,

    and worker preferences than the staffing industry. Talent Tech Labs interviewed Marcus for their Remote Work Trend Report to learn what this model of work means for the staffing industry and to get a sense of what it’s like running a startup inside one of the world’s largest staffing firms. Read more

    How to Make the Most of Your Freelance Talent

    June 2019

    Working with independent freelance talent offers an opportunity to flexibly augment your team's ability to propel your company's growth or just get more done more quickly. However, how to grow with the help of freelance talent isn't always that clear. Learn how to get the most out of your freelance employees—and keep them happy, too. Read now

    Move Over Gig Economy: The Freelancer Economy is Here to Stay

    April 2019

    People commonly use the phrase “gig economy” to refer to the labor market where one can use tech to request freelance workers on short notice for a variety of services, from car rides to event staffing to data science. However, I believe “gig” undermines the careers professionals in this market build, creating a rift between employers and workers—an us-versus-them atmosphere. So, I prefer to call it “the freelancer economy.” Read more

    A Quick Guide to Understanding AI’s Impact on the Future of Work

    October 2018

    The belief that robots will replace human workers is fairly widespread. But Marcus believes about 47% of jobs might be impacted by AI, but that doesn’t mean the entire job will be eliminated. His estimate is that only about 9 percent of jobs are at risk of full replacement, while the majority will be amplified by AI. In many instances, AI will even create jobs. Read more

    How the Gig Economy Will Bring Big Data to Every Market

    April 2019

    Data is infinite. Any organization that wants to grow at a meaningful pace would be wise to learn how to leverage the vast amount of data available to drive growth. With so much growth evolving from a seemingly infinite ocean of data, tomorrow’s leading companies will be those that understand how to capture, connect, and leverage information into actionable insight. Read now

    An Insider's Guide to Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Work (Video by ContactEngine)

    June 2018

    Laura van Beers (Head of AI at ContactEngine) interviews Marcus Sawyerr, CEO of Yoss USA (The Adecco Group), on artificial intelligence used in recruitment today and what could be in store for the future. Watch now

    Impacting the World of Work (What 2 Know Podcast by W2O)

    May 2018

    Providing flexibility for employees is necessary in today's modern workplace. Marcus Sawyerr, President of Adecco Group X shares the various ways companies can provide this flexibility, the books that are currently inspiring him, and Taekwondo…all in a killer British accent. Listen now

    Forbes Leader's Talk: Facilitating the relationship between companies and freelancers

    December 2019

    In an interview with Forbes in France, Marcus shares the story of YOSS and how the company is connecting top freelance talent with top companies around the world. Watch now

  • Opinions

    Marcus is a subject matter expert on digital innovation and the world of work. He frequently speaks on the following topics:

    • AI Powering the New Workforce
    • Blockchain in the World of Work
    • Digital Innovation Strategy
    • New Ways of Working 
    • The Rise of the Gig Economy
    • Corporate-Startup Partnership


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  • Press

    YOSS: Facilitating the relationship between companies and freelancers

    December 2019

    Marcus was invited to share the story of YOSS with Forbes' Leader's Talk in France. Watch now

    Democratizing the Freelance Economy in the New World of Work

    August 2018

    Marcus share his thoughts on the dynamics of the labor market that support the rise of freelancing. Read now

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